Founded in 1908, BM Smith's family legacy continues for a second century and formally operates as a property management company based in Arlington, VA. The third and fourth generation family members lead the owner-managed firm with the support of the BM Smith Leadership Team, offering diverse knowledge and expertise in multi-family and commercial property management, asset management, and real estate development.

Neil Winsten

Neil Winsten

Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate and Construction

Neil Winsten has been with BM Smith since 2011. Neil has an extensive background in construction management and initially brought his skills to the attention of BM Smith working for the Ed Peete Company in the mid-80’s as a Superintendent of Construction. His first desk was located in the BM Smith offices.

Today, Neil oversees the BM Smith engineering team, commercial leasing, and construction projects both large and small. His extensive experience makes him a valued contributor on projects and has enabled him to support the development of BM Smith’s excellent engineering team.

When asked what keeps him engaged, he says he likes the challenge of managing multiple projects while coordinating through multiple property owners.

He also enjoys the culture that is open, inclusive, and trusting with a level of humility where nobody feels they have to be right all the time or have all the answers. In his free time, Neil enjoys coaching youth basketball, flag football, and tackle football.

Tina Vandivier

Tina Vandivier

Vice President, Operations

Tina Vandivier has been with BM Smith since 2013. Tina joined BM Smith as a Leasing Agent at Penrose Square and was promoted to Penrose Square Community Director.

Most recently, Tina has pursued her interest in working on the corporate side of the business and is actively engaged in supporting a wide portfolio of projects including recruitment of staff, supporting all aspects of HR, commercial leasing, multi-family property management, mentoring team members, and supporting the Stafford development team.

Tina credits BM Smith management with supporting the entire team’s professional development through leadership meetings, book discussions, and conference attendance that help foster relationships.

As a recipient of the “Find Your Passion” award, Tina chose to develop a home boxing gym where she works out 5 days a week and finds it a release from some of the stresses of living through Covid.

Todd Reeber

Todd Reeber

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Todd Reeber has been with BM Smith since 2018. Prior to joining BM Smith, Todd had a 24-year career beginning with public accounting, where he earned his CPA and progressing to extensive work in real estate accounting.

Todd joined BM Smith at a transitional time for the financial team and has been instrumental to effectively reporting financial results, supporting the budgeting process, enhancing the use of technology across the company, improving tax compliance, and to mentoring the team to better understand financial operations.

He credits the Accounting Director and the rest of the team with their willingness to share their institutional knowledge and to adapt to new approaches, saying he could not have achieved what he has without them.

He notes that the values espoused by BM Smith are genuine and appreciates that the Owners and team members embody these values day-to-day.

Todd is the busy parent of 3 children spanning 3 decades, keeping him young at heart and on his toes!

Judy Rinaman

Judy Rinaman

Director, Accounting

Judy Rinaman has been with BM Smith since 1980. Judy initially interviewed to be a receptionist but quickly transitioned to handling accounts receivables. She has subsequently assumed increasing responsibilities and now oversees accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial reporting, working closely with BM Smith’s Corporate Controller.

She has been instrumental in streamlining accounting processes by implementing billing and accounting technologies that have reduced staffing requirements while improving on all aspects of the accounting process. As a self-starter, Judy has consistently pursued classwork to expand her skills to meet whatever was needed to excel in her role.

Judy feels that BM Smith is “her family” and loves that each member of the team is valued and appreciated. She cares deeply about the company, sharing in the excitement of BM Smith’s continued growth.

In her spare time, Judy performs with the Charleston Symphony Chorus and enjoys knitting. As an avid Jane Austen fan, Judy attends formal Balls where participants don Regency Costumes and share their Jane Austen interest.

Mila Mladenovic

Ljudmila “Mila” Mladenovic

Director, Projects and Facilities

Ljudmila “Mila” Mladenovic has been with BM Smith since 2005. She came to BM Smith first as an apartment resident and then took on a part-time front desk role to accommodate having a young child.

As they say, “The rest is history”. While Mila’s professional training was as a journalist, her skills as a hands-on Community Director have led to her successful management of multiple residential properties, leadership of numerous renovation projects and support of updated technology across the company.

She also works closely with the Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate and Construction. Mila credits her longevity at BM Smith to supportive leadership that has encouraged her to grow professionally.

Leadership classes and book discussions helped the entire team to bond and build a trusting relationship. In her free time, Mila maintains an organic vegetable garden that supplies all of her family’s needs 8 months each year.

Her goal is to make their vegetable garden productive year-round. Her latest project is becoming a beekeeper.

Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Jr., CPM ARM, Community Director

Daniel Rogers has been with BM Smith since 2017. Prior to joining the BM Smith team Daniel worked with Boys Town and At Risk Youth, with oversight of 5 group homes.

Daniel initially was the Manager of Administration with BM Smith and has advanced to the role of Senior Community Director, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our each of our apartment communities. While different from his early work experience, his commitment to developing staff is a reflection of his personal passion for helping others grow and improve.

He enjoys working at BM Smith because of the family environment, the support for training and certifications, and management’s willingness to allow team members to take initiative and make decisions.

He is especially glad to note that BM Smith kept all staff on during Covid and sees it as a reflection of their commitment to the staff. In his free time, Daniel is a life coach and enjoys following women’s basketball. Go Mystics!

Stephan Ivanoff

Stephan Ivanoff

Asset Manager for Commercial Portfolio

Stephan Ivanoff has been with BM Smith since 2018. Stephan immigrated from Bulgaria to the US in 2004 and settled in Vermont, using his marketing and accounting skills to manage a Killington Ski Area condominium development.

Remarkably, when Stephan came to the US, he spoke no English. Fast forward to 2022 and Stephan is successfully working with BM Smith and its affiliates to support Commercial ventures across the United States including 10 Shopping Centers.

Stephan oversees lease negotiations and works closely with property managers at each location to provide direction and support. He also works closely with Farms & Acreage, supporting development projects.

In his tenure at BM Smith, Stephan has established himself as a team player who enjoys helping out wherever needed.

Stephan became a US Citizen in 2010 and moved to DC in 2016 where he lives with his wife, Anna, and their 2 children.

Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose

Real Estate Development Manager

Aaron Rose joined the BM Smith management team in 2021, bringing an extensive background in real estate, construction, and technology.

Aaron received his degree in Building Construction from Virginia Tech followed by a Master's in Technology, Policy, and Ethics from Stevens Institute of Technology.

With over eight years of experience in construction management—on projects as diverse as apartment buildings, office towers, schools, and even a bridge—Aaron enjoys the multi-faceted challenge at BM Smith of working with consultants, the construction team, and tenants to best represent owner interests across the full scope of the development process.

As Aaron notes, he does “a little bit of everything to help keep the process moving forward and on schedule". In his spare time Aaron enjoys learning about new technological innovations, and has recently taken up golf, enjoying the relaxation of the great outdoors

David Miranda

David Miranda

Operations Coordinator

David Miranda has been with BM Smith since 2013. David joined BM Smith as a Lead Concierge and Events Coordinator at BM Smith’s mixed-use community, Penrose Apartments. Within a couple of years, he found himself interested in the management side of corporate operations.

David pursued this interest and has brought his organizational skills to many corporate projects. He has become the “go to” person for technology issues and electronic file maintenance. His willingness to jump in where needed has made him a valued team player who brings enthusiasm and commitment to whatever project is presented.

David credits his longevity with BM Smith to enjoying the stability the organization provides while also planning for the future. He notes that there is a great deal of inherent trust between team members, camaraderie, and a willingness to be open. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, he appreciated everyone’s willingness to collaborate, communicate, and implement new technologies to help maintain smooth operations.

David is a professional classical singer who has performed in symphonic choirs in Europe and with the National Symphony.

Eufrasia Harris

Eufrasia Harris

Junior Asset Manager

Eufrasia Harris joined our BM Smith team in 2022. Prior to joining the BM Smith team, she provided consultative services for ECP Family Management, LLC, where she was able to develop her skills for commercial asset management.

Since joining our team, Eufrasia has continued to professionally develop in many aspects of commercial real estate management. Recently, she has pursued her interest in learning more about commercial development and has focused on project organization and building tenant relations for Embrey Mill Town Center. Additionally, Eufrasia provides support to our corporate operations and accounting teams.

One of Eufrasia's favorite parts about working for BM Smith is the "family feel" and the comradery. She feels that everyone always wants to help each other, both professionally and personally, and the collaborative culture helps her to feel supported in all of her projects.

In her free time, Eufrasia loves to spend time hanging out with her family and exploring the great outdoors.


Arlington Magazine’s 2021 Best Places to Work

BM Smith was recently named one of Arlington Magazine’s 2021 Best Places to Work.

The awards program and regional survey was created by Arlington Magazine and Best Companies Group to identify, recognize and honor the best places to work in Arlington, McLean and Falls Church, Virginia.

The goal of the program is to honor, support and celebrate the region’s economy, workforce and businesses. Arlington Magazine’s 2021 Best Places to Work list is comprised of 11 companies. To be considered for participation, organizations had to have an office in the eligible areas, at least 15 employees and be in business for a minimum of one year. For-profit, non-profit and public sector organizations qualified.

Arlington Magazine’s 2021

Organizations from across the region entered the two-part process to qualify for Arlington Magazine’s Best Places to Work. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices and demographics. This part of the process was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure employee experience. This part of the process was worth approximately 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final ranking. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process, and it also analyzed the data and used their expertise to determine the final rankings.

“Arlington, McLean and Falls Church are fortunate to have many outstanding organizations and a talented workforce,” says Greg Hamilton, president and publisher of Arlington Magazine. “The organizations on this list have worked hard to implement policies and create cultures that make them attractive to their employees and sought-after places to work.” BM Smith has been recognized and honored in Arlington Magazine’s November/December 2021 issue, in the digital edition and on ArlingtonMagazine.com.

For more information on Arlington Magazine’s Best Places to Work program, visit www.BestPlacestoWorkArlington.com